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… The blues untroubled …

No beaten tracks or worn out covers with Black Cat Biscuit, but a surprising, sometimes foxy cocktail of fresh songs marinated in a “special gumbo hot sauce”, brought by five driven musicians!

Black Cat Biscuit keeps you captivating through a wide variety of different blues styles, traveling to an unforgettable experience, full of inexhaustible energy.

A pinch of City Blues, a portion of raw slide, a touch of Jazz, Swamp Blues, Boogie, Texas Blues, Shuffle, Funk, …

Black Cat Biscuit brings stories from life, strikingly recognizable and sometimes with a wink.

Black Cat Biscuit won the Belgian Blues Challenge 2018 and took 4th place at the European Blues Challenge 2019. They have played at many well-known festivals and clubs in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Portugal in recent years.

Even if you wouldn’t be a blues enthusiast, you still will be moved.

Let the blues keep you feeling good!


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