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Please welcome on backing vocals: 

Keana Megens

Laura Poelmans

Lien Somers

Louis Persoons

Marcelline Luyten

Mario Leyssens

Mark Sepanski

Matthias Kalmes

Milan Vrijsen

Patrick Indestege

Patrick Vrijsen

Sigrid Vastmans

Simon Cornelissen

Tabitha Konings

Victor Arnauts

Yasser Arnauts

Big thanks to them all, enjoy!

Antje Indestege

Brechje Indestege

Céline Royen

Charlie Jetten,

Daan Van Leeuwe

Eva Stinckens

Eva Stinckens' little birds

Fleur Steegmans

Floor Arnauts

Hans Nastasi

Hilde Jans

Inge Renap

Janne Vrijsen

Jeffrey Gijbels

Joris Stinckens

Katlijn Reynders


You can attend a Black Cat Biscuit concert on stages all over Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.
We are very proud of our successful CD and the 4th place at the European Blues Challenge 2019 in Ponta Delgada, on The Azores! 
We are honored of playing this summer at the great BRBF Peer and at great festivals in Brielle, Culemborg, Luxemburg, Gouvy, Freiburg Am Breisgau, Verviers, Küps, ....
At the same time we are working hard on new material (for our upcoming CD, release date yet unknown).
You still can buy our current CD 'That's How The Cookie Crumbles', which has received great reviews all over the world. You will be able to read them all very soon on this website!
Oh yeah, if you want to see our performance in Ponta Delgada, you will find below the footage made by the Portuguese Television, RTP.

Black Cat Biscuit back on Tour soon?

We hope you're all still save and sound!
After this long period of lockdown we are hopeful with the reopening of bars, pubs, festivals and events to see our audience once again soon! We are so anxious to once again take our place on a stage and to let you enjoy our new songs. Hope you'll like them!
At the same time we are still working on new material, we are very excited about it!
We'll keep you posted !